How corn mazes are made

Gallery: Howell Living History Farm Corn Maze Now they simply use an agricultural global positioning system, a GPS made for farming. Mike Wissemann's year-old Massachusetts farm grows asparagus, strawberries, sweet corn. And each year since , it also sprouts an. How we make the Treinen Farm Corn Maze: We do it ourselves. Phase 1: Imagine. Phase 2: Design. Phase 3: Mow. Photo gallery of mazes from years gone by.

It's something we all have questioned at least once this time of year, how do they cut the maze inside the corn?. And while there's always more to learn and new ideas to try, we've pretty much got it down to a science. Read on to find out how we make our corn maze each. Along with the pumpkin patches and the haunted houses, corn mazes have become a real fall tradition.

A corn maze or maize maze is a maze cut out of a corn field. The first corn maze was in Annville, Pennsylvania. Corn mazes have become popular tourist. Courtesy of The Rock Ranch/King Davis. Corn mazes are popular destinations for family fun each fall. This 4-acre maze, an annual attraction at The Rock Ranch . It's the 11th year that Lyman's has offered a corn maze. He designed his first maze in and has since made more than 1, in the.