How to ask simple questions in french

Guide to the various ways of asking a question in French. time, you don't need the complicated forms. Here are some simple rules of thumb to get you through. Need a quick cheat sheet to ask or answer questions in French? answers, you' ll never get lost in simple French conversations again!. Another simple way to ask a question in French is to add est-ce que in the beginning of a sentence. Est-ce que literally means “is it that” in.

What are the most common French questions you'll actually have to ask and answer in real life? But what about asking questions in French? . Simple as that!. How do you ask basic questions in French? Well, French interrogative words mean the same as they do for English: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Knowing how to ask a few basic questions in French can come in very handy when you travel to a French-speaking country and need to know the time or where.

Discover common and simple ways to ask questions in French whether you're in a formal or informal environnement. Remember that when you ask a question in French, the verb is not or closed questions (questions fermées) that result in a simple yes or no. Want to learn how to ask questions in French? This free French lesson with audio will get you started with asking questions in French!.