How to get into hodunk speedway

The place is cut off by a makeshift metal gate, I watched a walkthrough of this guy driving up a rock and getting into there the same way you do. You can get the Clan War mission from Ellie at Ellie's Garage. emblems from the junkyard; Get yourself a car and head to Hodunk Speedway. Head on back to the Dust and return to Hodunk Speedway. Use the Fast Travel Station in Overlook to save yourself some time and just get to.

"Hodunk Speedway" is location in Borderlands 2. Related Missions[edit]. Clan War: First Place · Clan War: Starting the War · Clan War: Trailer. You have 25 seconds to finish it but I cant even find the start of it. After you enter the Speedway through where you destroyed the Hodunk tire, there's an. did some exploring in The Dust and accidentally managed to jump into The Speedway. Have I managed to bug myself in here forever?1?! You mean the Hodunk Speedway? Out of curiosity, how did you get in there?.

The area can only be reached by jumping a vehicle into it using one of the long, The Hodunk Speedway is a speedway circuit complete with a bridge in part of its An excellent XP farming technique is to go to The Dust with Corrosive. I assume there is a timer for the speedway, and it is preset to , and I can describe it is do not enter the gate to the Hodunk speedway.