How to use usb drive on ipad

The iPad doesn't have a USB port, but you can still use USB devices with it. You just need these accessories and features. By default, it is not possible to connect a USB drive to an iPad directly. One has to use workarounds or purchase additional accessories to enable direct USB. Unfortunately, you cannot use a normal pendrive with iPad but you can buy the new iDrive which has a Lightning Connector (Apple) at one end and a USB Type .

iPad owners can now browse the Sandisk iXpand USB Drive from within the iOS 11 Files app. Here's how. This wikiHow teaches you to use an adapter to connect USB devices to your iPad . This allows you to connect things like digital camera directly to your iPad for. In a recent article you said that you couldn't play movies stored on a flash drive on your iPad. Is there any way at all to use other kinds of files on.

"Easily access, transfer, and stream your files from AirStash® – the pocketable wireless flash drive for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch! This app. In some cases, you can access a USB flash drive on an iPad by connecting to a Lightning-to-USB camera adapter. However, not all USB flash drives work, and. Several paid applications from Apple's App store allow you to use your iPad as a flash drive or USB storage device without jailbreaking. Examples of these flash.