No tyre kickers what does it mean

Makes a bid for a car placed on ebay or similar without any positive feedback • Dresses up as, or asserts that they are a priest or mulla in an Top definition If selling an old or rare car on ebay, it is advisable to warn tyre kickers from bidding. Tire kickers would come around frequently, kick the tires a few times on the cars that they liked, but never make Top definition Employee: "No it's alright boss, those people just look like a bunch of tire kickers. Someone that goes to the mud to watch people wheel there trucks but does not have a truck to wheel of there. From the act of kicking the tyres of a car as part of the inspection. to be interested in purchasing an item (especially a car), but who has no intention of buying it.

Tyre kicker: A person who pretends to be interested in purchasing an item ( especially a car), but who has no intention of buying it. There might. A tyre-kicker is someone who asks you for information but has no intention of buying. Their intention is to get information from you -- so. The expression 'Tire Kicker' means someone who is coming by to the car "for fit " without doing any harm: kick the tires, and see if it falls apart.

ie they just kick the tyres and have no real interest in buying the car A tyre kicker is someone who wanders around the outside and looks at. To me it means don't arrange to view it unless you are seriously looking No doubt I was labelled a 'tyre kicker' but my impression is that it's a. How do you prevent time wasters from shooting holes in your day? There was certainly no promise of a job involved but it is an unspoken rule in That means you have to have your antennae up the minute you pick up the. Every buyer is going to do some tyre kicking and still not buy the vehicle PLEASE NO LOW BALLERS NOR TIRE KICKERS- that means you.