Renaming a dog when adoption

Guest Column: What I've Learned from Renaming My Rescue Dogs I'm big on pet adoption, and whether I'm adopting a dog from our local. If you've adopted a dog or puppy with a name you don't like, these simple tips will show you how to teach your dog a new name within just a few days. Adopting — not shopping for — a dog is truly one of the greatest acts of kindness anyone can perform. You've literally saved a life. So, first off.

Second, renaming the dog gives the new family an immediate reason So, have fun and pick out a great new name for your newly adopted pet!. There's no reason to feel guilty about renaming a dog, just as long as the previous owner didn't . At what age can a puppy be adopted or sold to a new owner?. When his family adopted him, they had no idea what his name was. The short answer is, yes: you can rename your dog, and changing her.

Here's my “rule of thumb” for renaming a dog. If the dog has been in a loving home and has only positive associations with his name, I advise keeping the name. It's a conundrum faced by almost all prospective pet owners who visit shelters nationwide: Is it OK to rename an adopted pet? And what are some tips for making. The Characteristics of a Good Pet Name — For Dogs and Cats . element to consider when deciding whether to change a newly adopted pet's. There is no reason not to re-name a rescue dog or new puppy that you adopt into your home. If you use that name in a positive manner and always associated.