How to split stones for a wall

I want to make a stone wall on the side of my driveway, it will be about 65' long or so, and at one end about 2 and a half feet tall, then. Rocks and stones have been a reliable palette for sculptors, crafters and artisans for Splitting your rocks by hand using a hammer and steel wedges is an. THe flat side against the wall and the rounded part facing out. Not interested in the cultured stone from Home Depot. However not finding much.

There is a soothing permanence that can be seen in a well-built stone wall. Cutting stone versus splitting stone can perhaps best be compared to cutting wood. I used to 'split' stones for an old mason building stone walls. He would say, 'hit it here' - and I would swing the sledge and hit it there. For many. I am doing a split field stone retaining wall, in the past I have simply used a chisle and hammer to split the stone. I was wondering if anyone.

Split fieldstone is simply fieldstone that has been split and is left with a flat front. These stones work great for landscape walls and can be constructed rather.