The man who turned blue in 2007

Argyria or argyrosis is a condition caused by excessive exposure to chemical compounds of the . "Man Turns Blue", by Duncan Hooper,, Dec. 21, "This Man Turned Blue (video)", NBC Today Show, Matt Lauer interview. On December 20, the world press published stories about Paul Karason, a Californian man whose entire skin gradually turned blue after. Paul Karason, 62, suffered a heart attack before contracting pneumonia and having a severe stroke at a Washington state hospital on Monday. Karason — dubbed "Papa Smurf" — shot to fame in when he appeared on NBC's "Today" show to talk about his condition, known as argyria.

PM GMT 20 Dec An American man's attempts to cure an irritating skin condition backfired when his face turned blue. Eiffel Blue · No more world. Paul Karason of Madera, CA, has argyria, which makes your skin blue. People get it when they use colloidal silver as an antibitoic. Karason. year-old man says skin treatment turned his face permanently blue. Paul Karason, a man made famous after his skin turned.

Dietary supplement can permanently turn skin blue. Jul 30, condition that makes the skin turn a bluish gray as granules of silver accumulate in the body. Stan Jones isn't your average politician from Montana. He has a rare condition called argyria -- his skin is grayish-blue. He developed argyria after drinking too.