How to get from moonglade to winterspring

You can access moonglade from felwood or winterspring. You should probably be 50+ and/or friendly with the timbermaw. If you get high. To reach Winterspring, head through the hold entrance in the northeastern tip of Felwood and continue straight after the bridge. Through Felwood, just like everyone else. You've gotta run through the northern Furbolg cave. Note: Don't kill your way through.

Ok, so as my movie says, This Is my way to Moonglade. I didn't get the music I wanted, so I added some random Christmas songs ^^. Ordinarily, the only way to get to Moonglade and Winterspring () was through the Timbermaw Hold tunnel from northern Felwood. I have never been there before I don't have the FP so what zone has an Go through Timbermaw Hold, in the north end of Felwood/Southeast.

On a kind of elated note, I couldn't get through that tunnel 10 levels ago to get into Moonglade so I drowned myself in the ocean to get sent to. There is a cave in the north west corner of the Felwood map, use this to get to both Winterspring and Moonglade. Beware though, the Fulrbolgs. The Moonglade ranges east of Felwood, just north of Winterspring Grove along the Fierce dire wolves and hippogryphs have also been reported in the area.