How to make hennessy jello shots

Hennessy Jello Shots Birthday Desserts, Adult Birthday Party, 25th Birthday, . and Coke Jello Shots Cherry Jello Shots, Rum Jello Shots, Jello Shot Recipes. Apple Jell-O shots. Hennessy & Apple Jell-O shots Dessert Shots, Dessert Drinks, Party Drinks, . different jello party shots recipes alcohol. Maria Nolan. Jan 27, This guide provides you with some general tips, ideas, and recipes to embrace the evolution of jello shots for your next party.

Jell-O Shots are tasty, fun and easy to make. Learn to make Jello Shots today at JELLO FROM THE DARK SIIIIIIIIDE! Ever had a jello shot or jello shooter? These words are interchangeable and mean the same thing. We are sure you have. BACON RECIPES THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND Your Basic Jello Shot equation: 1 cup boiling water, juice, soda, etc. plus 1 (3-ounce) .. 1 (3-ounce) box of Pineapple Jello, 1/3 cup cold water add 1/3 cup Hennessy & 1/3 cup Hypnotiq.

May 24, Peach Fizz Jello Shots are about to become your go-to summer cocktail! Super easy to make and crazy good, these shots disappear in a flash!. Add boiling water to the pack of Jello first, then 3/4 cup cold alcohol and 1/4 cup cold water. Mix and set in small cups, preferably the kind that are wax-coated. Want to serve Jello shots at your next party? Check out our Jello shot recipes in flavors like Margarita, red wine, whiskey sour, and more.