How to make mirror glass look antique

The experts at show how to give a modern mirror a vintage look by distressing it with products from the home improvement store. Aug 13, a mirror. I love mirrors but love an antique mirror. here are 10 tutorials on how to get the antique look on your mirror. This is an old tutorial of mine. Reposhture used Krylon Looking Glass spray paint to achieve her look. Martha Stewart shares a technique to make a mirror look like an antique mirror using silver leaf.

How to turn glass in to what looks like vintage or distressed mirror by Jenny Distressed Mirror Glass Tutorial Mercury Glass Mirror, Distressed Mirror. A foolproof recipe to gorgeously antiqued mirrored glass. To ensure an authentic look, mist the back of the glass unevenly with the vinegar-and-water solution. Jan 5, Turning ordinary glass into an antique mirror is SO EASY with this super simple It actually looks like an antique mirror, which is even better!.

May 23, If you Google how to antique a mirror, you'll find a variety of . and let some of the clear glass show through—it all depends on the look you're. Nov 17, So I researched ways to make a new mirror look old. My friend Layla from A Repurpose A Glass Vase Into Trendy Home Decor. I have been. Mar 12, I was pretty happy with the result, but knew I could do better with my second chance It looks so much more like real antiqued mercury glass mirrors. I have a vintage trumeau mirror I painted to imitate antique french mirror.