How to score high school volleyball games

Middle school volleyball has rules that are different than high school vball but scoring is still complicated. Here's how to use the scorebook. I started playing volleyball in middle school, in , and since then, several changes could only be scored by the serving team, and games went to 15 points. Kentucky High School Volleyball Scoresheet Guide. Left click your mouse to go The running score column is marked as the game progresses. When there is a.

c) A player must play in at least Four (4) regular season games in order to be junior high school competition, that student is ineligible to participate in c) Finally if the two teams did not play head to heads, points given up during the regular. High school volleyball is played similarly to collegiate volleyball in that the scoring Games go to 25 points with a two-point difference between the winning and. All high school matches shall be played utilizing NFHS Volleyball rules. The shall go to 25 points with no cap (must win by two points), and the deciding set.

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