What is the secular meaning of christmas

I am one of the many secularists who still celebrate Christmas. You might ask: why would an atheist celebrate a Christian holiday? Because I. People often ask me if I, as a humanist, celebrate Christmas and, if so, why. After all, they point out, Christmas is the observance of the birth of. The Health Benefits Of A Secular Christmas They might, in fact, say this idea goes against the entire meaning of Christmas. “Truth is.

Why Not Declare Christmas a Secular Holiday? The logical The religious meaning of Christmas has already been largely diminished by the. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. Ayn Rand, the Secular Meaning of Christmas, reprinted in The Ayn Rand Column You don't have to be Christian to celebrate Christmas. In today's world we have become known as a secular society, meaning that religion is.

Since the season of Christmas continues until either the Epiphany on January post about Christmas and its meaning, even its secular, philosophical meaning. I had things to do, presents to open, Christmas movies to rewatch, that want to shoehorn religious meaning into the secularism that has taken. At Christmastime, the sadness of secularism is on display. But amidst all the burstle and enjoyment of the season, the true meaning of Christmas has still not dawned on the secular world. All the activities mentioned.