Astra van turbo noise when cold

Mine makes this noise and its in for a new one on saturday. Performance is it is usually on the cold mornings its a sound of a healthy turbo. If you start to hear this noise from your engine, it's definitely time to have it checked out! Remember, cold oil is thick, and doesn't flow as freely as warm oil . We look at the turbo whistle, as well as some other noises made by turbochargers, explaining what causes them, and when you should be concerned.

for the past couple of weeks my astra has started making a loud noise similar to a diesel engine or a tractor or something. It does it intermittently. It happens in all ranges of the revs however engine noise drowns it out at Strangely enough the noise is most quiet when car is cold, but after. i have a astra sxi cdti (astra h) when driving it theres a whistling noise coming from the turbo- always in the low revs rpm so i it.

Is this usual in cold weather or am i looking at turbo issues here? Eventually it totally goes and no whine/whistle is heard. . ! where were you at, i have noticed that my astra diesel does the same when temps are under. I have had this car since May, on arrival it had a "whine" at about thought it may have been the turbo, as well as a "fluttering" sound at any. I have an astra van CDTI with the Z17dtl engine, it has a knocking sound from the top end, it sounds like a very loud tappet, ie same.