How to not share album on facebook

It is an album that I made previously but I would like to have it show up on my timeline. Click the gear menu in the top right corner and select Share Album. No. Answers. Recent answers; Top answers. This question has been closed. Related Questions; How do I share a closed group photo album with friends outsi How can I share an album Good Question. Follow this Question · Share. How do I share a photo album on a friends timeline so their friends can see the entire I don't think I want to change the privacy setting to friends of friends as I.

You can get a link to share photos and albums with people who don't use Facebook. Follow this Question · Share After shared album to the people do not have Facebook account. How to stop there is no option in the gear icon like "get link". Only the creator of a shared album can choose who can see it. Keep in mind that when you tag someone, that photo will be shared with the person tagged and their friends. How do I share my photos with people who don't use Facebook?.

"Aswin has posted 25 new photos to the album Birthday" or something along with the thumbnails. None of the albums I create has a Share This Album link. You can share a photo album on Facebook in two ways: using the Share link or the Gear menu. Both options are accessible directly from your photo album. Many Facebook users take advantage of Facebook's album upload feature, which enables users to share pictures with friends. But not everyone on Facebook. Good news for Facebook users, the new "Album Share" feature is introduced. They're not just making education more accessible -- they are empowering.