How far should fingers bent backwards

Recently I was playing the piano and my step mum said my fingers were weird because they bent back. I thought everyones fingers did that so. Warning: do not read this if you are on mushrooms. Can you make your fingers bend just at the tips, like this? BuzzFeed. Yes. No. Oops. Something went .. What about fingers that bend all the way back? Like pinkies?. Does a line from the bottom of my thumb running diagonally going straight through my palm up to the bottom Is it normal to bend your fingers all the way back?.

Hypermobility, also known as double-jointedness, describes joints that stretch farther than normal. For example, some hypermobile people can bend their thumbs backwards to Musical instrumentalists with hypermobile fingers may have difficulties when fingers collapse into the finger locking position. Or, conversely, they. injury that causes your finger either to bend too far or bend in the wrong direction. If your finger bends backwards, it's called “hyperextension.” You might accidentally bend your finger in these ways during physical If you do have a finger sprain, your doctor will assign it a grade based on how severe it is. I bent my ring finger backwards and it really hurts and the knuckle is not that visible. My other ring finger knuckle is much more visible. I can bend it but it hurts!.

Sam N. bent 10 fingers back to touch his forearm. I think 'new pack' should be a requisite, or at least video evidence of someone else shuffling the deck. I should note that you don't necessarily have to be as bendy as I am — ask your doctor! My fingers are also bendable sideways, even over the back of my hand. Yet another indicator is elbow or knee joints that bend further backwards than .. So far as I know, I'm t he only hyper mobile person in my family to date other. My husband demonstrated that his fingers wouldn't bend backwards by more than maybe 2 Mine do, maybe half the distance yours do. I can't. I've seen people do this before. No grimacing here! You've appear to got highly flexible joints. Probably, it was something you were born with.