Seinfeld cast members where are they now

Though "Seinfeld" may have ended in , its legacy lives on. Let's find out what the stars of the show are up to these days. Some Seinfeld cast members have gone on to movies, while others have had new series of their own. Some have even had multiple shows. A look at Jerry Seinfeld as a fictional comedian on one of the most-loved sitcoms of all time. Click through to see what the cast is up to these days. Credit: NBC.

Festivus, 'serenity now' and 'yadda yadda' have lived on beyond Seinfeld. But how have the key cast members done in the 18 years since the. Of course, he joined his former co-stars on Curb Your Enthusiasm, before delving into some voice work. In , he appeared on Comedy. Find out what the stars of the hit NBC comedy are up to 20 years after the series finale!.

You remember them from the best Seinfeld episodes, but this list of Seinfeld cast members catches you up on what the actors form one of the most popular TV. What all of our favourite cast members are doing now. In the pantheon of classic sitcoms, there are arguably few TV shows that can Of the four core members of the Seinfeld cast, SNL alumni Julia. What does the cast of "a show about nothing" look like now, and what have they look like now, and what have they been up to since the turn of the millennium? When deciding which Seinfeld cast member has enjoyed the most success.