Sore nipples from breastfeeding what to do

Breastfeeding shouldn't hurt. If you find your nipples are sore, cracked or bleeding during or after breastfeeding, here's what you can do. Unfortunately, ​sore nipples are a common problem of breastfeeding. They can develop for many reasons including a poor breastfeeding latch. View a slide show on latching to learn how to get your baby to latch on. To reduce pain, apply cool compresses to your nipples after breastfeeding. Gel pads .

It is very important to continue to breastfeed if you are experiencing nipple pain. Try to nurse your baby on the least painful nipple first; she will. Use these tips to help prevent and treat sore nipples. You can also hand express or pump some breast milk before putting baby to the breast. Get help as soon as possible from a lactation consultant so you can fix what's wrong. If your nipples are so painful that you simply dread putting your . of a mom breastfeeding her baby show how to do it right.

How do we tell the difference between this typical nipple pain and a problem that would benefit from the help of an experienced breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is good for you and your baby, but it can be tough on your nipples! Read our tips and advice on nipple care to help keep soreness under control. Uncomfortable breastfeeding positions can cause your baby to squash the nipple as they feed. Squashed nipples can be painful, become damaged and may. A poor position or if your baby is not latching on well can cause nipple pain or sore nipples in the early days.