Chown example operation not permitted in current

Probably the file has the immutable flag set in its extended attributes: chown: changing ownership of 'immutable': Operation not permitted. gives "Operation not permitted" for every file in the tree. Now I see I can solve the problem by mounting with forced ownership but, anyway, that (what chmod is doing) is not normal Distribution: Slackware,x86_64,current. You have to be part of the group in order to be able to change the current able to change the group of the file or folder with cmd chgrp nginx test as user justin.

Since you've broken a tree of directory permissions with chmod -R you need to fix them all up. Run this from the directory above dir. I don't think VFAT supports the type of permissions you're trying to set. In such case, the permissions are set the same for all files, when. uid=value and gid=value Set the owner and group of all files. (Default: the uid and gid of the current process.) umask=value Set the umask (the.

chown: changing ownership of `/mnt/iscsi/srv/files/ftp/8ta': Operation not permitted . The current folder permissions are: drwxr-xr-x 6 root root. Hi Expert, I am trying to change ownership of one file to another user that is exist in the system but getting operation not permitted error what. Bug #, mysqld_safe gives chown: 'Operation not permitted' for error there is a logic to determine whether the current user is root or not. Linux chown command help and information with chown examples, syntax, careful track of who is allowed to access a file, and how they can access it. is the user who created it, and the owning group is the user's current group. . If you're using chown on a non-Linux operating system, make sure to run.