How to mix menopur and gonal f

When I first watched my nurse explain how to mix Gonal F and Menopur, I for sure thought I was going to mess it up the first time I ever tried to mix this on my own. STEP 2. Take a vial of diluent/liquid that came with Menopur and using your thumb lift the plastic cap off the vial. Wipe the top of the vial with an alcohol pad. This mixing sheet has been prepared for you to follow so that you can mix all the dose of Gonal F Pen or Follistim Pen into the powdered vial of Menopur.

Alcohol Swabs. Sharps Container. Microdose Lupron. Orange capped needle. LH: Menopur or Luveris. Syringe and Q-Cap. FSH Pen: Gonal F or. Follistim. I would think that you could inject the gonal-f in to the menopur vial once it's mixed with the 1cc of dilutent and then draw back the whole. I used Gonal F Pen and 2 Menopur vials for IVF #1. I am now using the same meds for IVF #2 (higher dose of Gonal) and someone.

The most common side effects of MENOPUR include: Unlike Gonal-F, which requires no mixing, menopur has a series of steps before being.