How to receive facebook post via email

Facebook's post-by-email functionality, which was released in and email would be posted online when you received a strong enough. In my Office, I cannot Access Facebook. If I want to Post any updates to my Timeline from my Office by sending a mail to my Facebook Account, how can I do. . I want post a facebook posting in a email and I want to know, is that possible? me get it back stated they would tell me why they need my id below.

Sending a text only email to my Post-By-Email address does nothing. I never get a bounced email back, and my email post doesn't show up anywhere on. Sometimes you want to direct someone to a specific Facebook Post. Perhaps you want to send them an email to a post, or just share it to other. Sharing An Individual Facebook Post Via Email, Text or Message owners and they want to know how to get more eyeballs on their posts.

Do you want to stay on top of all of the posts made on your Facebook Page, or want a way to share Post new emails received on Gmail to your Facebook Page. You can use email (with or without hashtags etc.) as a trigger to post a status update to facebook. This recipe, Post to facebook from mail uses email to post a. Facebook launched its Send button Monday, in a bid to improve the a message and send the page to friends' inboxes or post it to a Group wall. it only takes a few lines of code to get the Send button running on a website.