How to share screen google hangout

You can share what's on your screen at the moment with your Google +Hangout attendees. This is a beneficial option for social marketers because it allows you. Present your entire screen or a specific window in a meeting to share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. You can also Cast to Meet from a Google Chrome browser. If you’re attending a meeting using a Chrome device for meetings, you can present from a laptop. With the screen sharing feature by Google Hangouts, the person making the video call can share documents, videos, presentations, websites.

While you're in a Hangout, whether you're holding a meeting or conducting a class, you can share your screen with other people on the call. Google Hangouts is one of the most popular and most commonly used video call platforms. Another excellent app developed by Google. How to Share Your Screen on Google Hangouts. Ever been at a Google+ Hangout and needed to show people a copy of your screen and exactly what is going.

Is it possible to call the talk screen of Hangouts chat from third party app? With the new Chrome Hangouts app Share screen option gone?.