How to stop beach balling

Sep 2, From time to time, an app may lock up with a spinning beachball of death. Because you have no control of the cursor to activate a Force Quit or. Apr 25, If you cannot quit an app, or if macOS is completely unresponsive, How to force quit a macOS app showing a spinning beachball of death. May 28, Which is to say, the beachball is there to tell you your Mac is too busy . Clicking on Stop in this alert should end the problem (though the page.

Jun 2, When you land on one you want to quit, keep holding command and press q. the scenes if you use your Mac a lot, and some things don't stop until you restart. Since the beachball is a symptom of your computer having to. May 3, Since it's going to crash anyway, you can go ahead and kill the frozen app to stop the SPOD beachball spinning around endlessly and speed. Click the [Details] links for more information about that line. Problem: Beachballing. Hardware Information:ⓘ. MacBook Pro (inch, Mid ).

Oct 15, You can then force quit the offending application. If the spinning pinwheel or beachball cursor goes away but returns when you bring the. Nov 3, We'll show you how to fix and prevent Mac's spinning rainbow wheel on your Getting rid of a spinning beachball is only part of the solution. Jul 29, Today I had uTorrent running with 10 downloads while surfing the web, and suddenly I get the spinning beachball of death, I have been a.